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Who should have flood insurance?

Flood insurance is a very specific type of insurance coverage. With the effects of weather changes that have been happening all over the world, people who would never have thought about flood insurance are giving it some serious thought. At David King Insurance Services LLC in Coppell, TX, we are here to provide the information you may need when making an important insurance decision. As an independent insurance agency, we work for our customers, not for an insurance company, and provide customers with more choices.  

If you live in what is considered to be a flood plain, and you have a mortgage, you may not have a choice about whether you should carry flood insurance. Your lender will demand that you have it, which makes sense since they lent you the money to purchase the home. Flooding causes an incredible amount of damage and even one inch in your home can be catastrophic. 

Flood insurance is offered through the National Flood Insurance Program, which is administered by FEMA. It is sold through private insurance carriers. Not every carrier sells flood insurance, so you need to check with your insurance agent. In order to be eligible to purchase flood insurance, your community must be an NFIP participant. 

Flood insurance is sold in two parts; building and personal property. Both of them have limits and if you need more coverage than the NFIP program offers, there are private insurance options that might be a better fit for you. Building coverage covers the walls, roof, major systems, and things that are permanently attached to the building. Personal property includes electronics, clothing, furniture, decor, and appliances that are not built-in. 

Contact David King Insurance Services LLC in Coppell, TX with questions you may have about flood insurance. You can talk to us on the phone or in person at the office. 

Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance in the Offseason?

The people in Coppell, TX and the Lone Star state are smart folks who know how to sniff out a great deal. If you’re a motorcycle rider who’s been wondering why you should be paying for insurance coverage all year when you might not ride it for several months, David King Insurance Services LLC has the answers you want.

The Chill of a Coverage Gap

One thing you absolutely do not want to do is let your insurance coverage lapse if you intend to insure the motorcycle again. Losing your previous coverage can lose the value of a negotiated policy price or benefits like long-term customer rewards. If you forget to reinsure once riding season rolls around again, you can get caught on the road without the coverage you need.

Offseason and Offroad Threats

Instead of canceling a policy to avoid charges when you’re not riding, look into seasonal coverage options that have reduced rates for your lower usage or drop your road-based coverage while still covering your motorcycle as property. Since homeowners’ and renters’ insurance may not cover most of a parked motorcycle’s repair costs, having the motorcycle covered on its own can protect you in case of hazards like fire or theft. Your provider may have their own set of offseasons, but they may also let you negotiate based on your real usage, just like some policies can be adjusted based on your travel radius.

Ask an Agent for Advice

Everyone’s insurance needs and realities are different. An experienced insurance agent, like us here at David King Insurance Services LLC in Coppell, TX, can help you determine which of your available insurance providers and policies are the right fit for your liabilities and assets.

Is Boat Insurance A necessity?

Purchasing a boat in Coppell, TX is a massive investment that is a dream come true for any resident. This considerable investment extends your crafts buying price. Whether you are a new boat owner or considering owning one, it’s paramount to familiarize yourself with the available coverages to offer your watercraft formidable protection. Boat accidents might not often happen in Coppell, TX like car accidents.

Still, it’s instrumental in safeguarding your vessel as you do with your automobile in case of impending peril. Please contact our dedicated agents at David King Insurance Services LLC and get affordable boat insurance coverage that meets your needs and budget. Keep reading to verse yourself why boat insurance is an absolute necessity.

Asset protection

Did you know that devoid of formidable insurance, you could potentially lose your investment if an accident strikes or unforeseen events crop up? It is imperative to beware that a single storm may sink a boat while an impending fire may burn your boat or get vandalized. Investing in boat insurance can pay for the costs of replacing or repairing your boat when covered perils damage it.

 Protect a boat owner

What happens when you trigger injuries to your passenger, a swimmer, or propagate damage to another boat while utilizing yours? These instances make you liable for the resulting bodily injury and medical costs as well as property damage expenses. Third parties could file lawsuits forcing you to use a significant amount of money. Luckily, boat insurance comes in to rescue you from paying these costs out of pocket.

Environmental protection

If your watercraft gets massive damage and leaks fuel and oil into the water or sinks to the bottom of the lake or ocean, you are liable to cater to the removal or cleanup process as a boat owner. Fortunately, if you have coverage that encompasses wreckage removal and fuel spill, you are salvaged by paying a fortune from your wallet.

Provides emergency assistance and towing

Have you ever imagined what could transpire if your boat engine fails or you run out of gas in the middle of a lake or ocean, and you require the services of professional towing? Investing in this form of coverage assists you in settling these services, which sometimes prove to be expensive.

Let’s gain peace of mind while cruising Coppell, TX waters with our boat, knowing that you are protected when a disaster strikes. Please don’t hesitate to call or visit us at David King Insurance Services LLC and get a customized quote for your boat insurance.

Is Umbrella Insurance Appropriate for a Restaurant?

Umbrella insurance policies are designed to help a variety of businesses and individuals thrive. But are they right for restaurants? We at David King Insurance Services LLC can help you understand these facets and give your Coppell, TX restaurant the coverage that it needs to stay strong and secure for years to come without issue.

Why Restaurants May Want Umbrella Insurance 

If you own a restaurant, you likely need high-quality liability insurance. There are many scenarios in which liability may be a huge problem for some restaurants. As a result, you may need umbrella policies, which provide extra coverage on top of your standard policy. Here are a few situations that an umbrella policy can protect you against, giving you an idea of why they’re so vital:

  • Damaging food poisoning cases that affect many people 
  • Slip and fall cases where a person is injured heavily 
  • Burns caused by your food or your cooking processes 
  • Heavy injuries caused by table collapses or other structural issues

If you have experienced any of these situations or are worried that they might affect you, it is a good idea to talk to an insurance company right away about your umbrella policy options. Our team can help you better understand your options here and give you the insight that you need. And we’ll do what we can to make sure that your option is suitably designed for your specific restaurant needs.

Give Our Services a Chance 

As you can see, the best restaurants will thrive if they get an umbrella insurance policy. So please make sure that you talk to us at David King Insurance Services LLC right away. We can help Coppell, TX residents get the high-quality insurance that they need for their restaurants and their protection.

What does flood insurance cover?

Coppell, TX is a beautiful place to raise a family. Still, even with all the magnificence, there is the possibility of inclement weather that brings flooding and property damage. David King Insurance Services LLC can help you understand the details of flood insurance, so you select the right plan for your lifestyle. 

What does flood insurance cover?

Flood insurance provided by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) covers physical losses to your structure as well as damage and loss of your personal belongings. Items damaged or lost have to fall under the umbrella of a flood to qualify as a covered incident. 

By definition, a flood is an excess of water on land in a place that is typically dry. The NFIP offers two types of coverage:

  • Building Coverage;
  • Contents Coverage. 

What does building coverage cover?

Flood insurance under the “building” umbrella primarily pays for damages to the structure. Electrical and plumbing systems are included in building coverage. Furnaces and water heaters are also covered under this type of insurance. 

Those with permanently installed carpeting can submit a claim for damages under the building coverage of their NFIP indemnity plan. Permanently installed carpeting is typically done by a professional and is usually attached to the floor by way of nails. 

Carpeting that is not nailed to the floor does not qualify for protection under building coverage in Coppell, TX. Contents coverage may be the best option in such an instance. 

What does contents coverage pay for?

Obtaining insurance for the contents of your home means that your personal belongings are covered in the instance of severe water damage. Carpeting not included in building coverage is typically eligible for payout under the “contents” section of your indemnity plan. 

Contents coverage also pays for appliances as well as furniture and electronic devices lost in flood. You are likely to receive the value of your destroyed possessions up to your policy’s limits. 

Speaking with an insurance specialist is the best way to get the most out of your flood insurance policy. Call the agents at David King Insurance Services LLC today to request a quote for coverage. 

Sub-Leasing a Condo: What Does Your Insurance Help Cover?

Owning a condo is often a great experience for many people, particularly if they want to make extra money renting it out. However, how does subletting your condo affect your insurance policy? Let us at David King Insurance Services LLC serving Coppell, TX help you understand this complex topic.

You May Need Extra Insurance 

When you sublet or sublease your condo to someone else, you are well within your rights as an owner. However, if you move out of the facility and somewhere else, you’re in an exciting situation. Your policy will cover items within the condo that belong to you but not those of your subleaser. 

And if your renter does anything to damage your condo, such as accidentally burning areas, you might be in a challenging situation. That’s because there’s a good chance that your policy might not cover this situation. It all depends on the nature of your policy and what you set it up to cover for your needs. 

You must talk to your agent about this situation and seriously consider rental insurance to protect you and your renter. They will pay for the policy, not you, and their items will be covered. And your condo policy should help protect your belongings inside, as long as you are honest with your insurer and work to find a policy with a provision that covers you. 

Need More Information?

The complexity of this situation is often frustrating for many people to understand and may require the help of a high-quality insurance company to manage appropriately. So if you’re still confused and unsure what kind of policy you need for your condo, please contact us at David King Insurance Services LLC right away to learn more. We’ll help provide significant policies for your Coppell, TX area condo.

How Much Life Insurance Should I Carry?

It’s time. Maybe you just got married or had your first baby, but you know you can’t put it off any longer. You need life insurance. But how do you know how much life insurance you should carry? You don’t want to leave your loved ones struggling when it matters the most, but you also don’t want to be overinsured when you could be investing that money instead. 

David King Insurance Services LLC provides a wide variety of insurance types and coverage levels to our customers in Coppell, TX, and we can help you determine the right amount of life insurance for your lifestyle. 

How to Decide How Much Life Insurance to Buy

In the past, the general rule of thumb for life insurance has been to multiply your income times 10, since a decade is usually adequate time for your family to get on its feet and for your kids to reach the age of maturity. So, for example, if you make $70,000 a year, you’d want $700,000 of coverage.

However, while this formula is straightforward, it misses a lot of the nuance of individual family situations today. How many kids do you have? How many still need to go to college or trade school? Any kids from a previous marriage? Is one partner a stay-at-home spouse? 

Calculating the Correct Life Insurance Amount Today

A much better formula to use to determine the correct amount of life insurance is all obligations minus all assets:

  • Obligations. In this column, be sure to include all current, potential, and future obligations. At a minimum, you should add up your annual salary times the number of years you want to replace your income, your current mortgage balance, your minor children and their potential education costs, all other debts, and funeral costs. If there’s a stay-at-home spouse, be sure to account for the costs to replace childcare and other services in their life insurance calculations. 
  • Assets. In this column, subtract all of your liquid assets (aka not retirement!) including savings, bonds, college savings accounts, health savings accounts, and other life insurance policies, such as minimal policies provided by your employer, or children from a previous marriage who are also covered under an ex-spouse’s policy. 

Calculating your needs this way will automatically account for your unique situation and give you a good idea of your life insurance needs. Even better, this formula automatically updates as you grow your assets and decrease your financial obligations over time. 

Once you’ve taken the important step of protecting your family, we recommend that you revisit your life insurance needs every 5-10 years to make sure you’re still on target. If you live in Coppell, TX or surrounding communities and need help getting started, contact an insurance agent with David King Insurance Services LLC today! 

Should I always get renters insurance when renting a home in Texas?

Moving to the Coppell, TX area can be a great option for many people. Those that are going to move into this area may find that renting a home is an ideal housing option for a period of time. If you are looking for a new home to rent, you should also get a proper insurance plan. You should always have renter’s insurance here for a few reasons. 

Coverage Will Ensure Lease Compliance

A reason that you should always keep renters insurance is so you can stay in compliance with your lease obligations. Most landlords in this area of Texas will require their tenants to get proper insurance as it will offer protection for both the tenant and, indirectly, the property owner. As a lease term is typically one year, landlords may require you to obtain a plan that is paid for in advance and covers the full terms. 

Insurance Will Protect Tenants

Having renters insurance is a good idea even if you are not required to carry it. A tenant will take on some liability risk that could result in a claim if an accident causes damage to the property or injuries to another person. They also will keep personal items in their home, which they will want to have covered. A renter’s insurance plan will protect against these risks. 

Renters in the Coppell, TX area will always want to know that they have the proper insurance in place. To ensure you are picking the right insurance plan for your situation, it would be wise to call David King Insurance Services LLC. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking for coverage and David King Insurance Services LLC can ensure you choose a plan that is ideal for your situation. 

Which critical RV insurance coverages should a new RV owner buy?

If you’re planning to get an RV for your summer vacation or primary residence, don’t allow your excitement to make you overlook RV insurance. Without sufficient coverage in Coppell, TX, you risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard to acquire. Lawsuits can easily strip you of your new RV, home, assets, bank accounts, future earnings, and everything else you could have. At David King Insurance Services LLC, we recommend speaking to an insurance advisor who will guide you on which coverages to buy. Here are some of the critical options they will suggest.

RV Liability

It’s almost impossible to talk about insurance without mentioning liability. The Texas law requires drivers to carry a minimum bodily injury and property damage liability. The coverages help cover physical injuries and property damage that you cause to another person.


Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle when you’re not driving. It covers your RV from natural perils, such as a falling tree that hits your RV, vandalism, and theft. When buying this coverage, make sure you know all the covered instances and the excluded ones.


Collision coverage comes into play when your RV collides with another vehicle. It also covers collisions with other objects such as electric poles, huge rocks, animals, trees, and any other object on the road.

RV Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

If someone rams into the back of your RV while it’s parking in Coppell, TX, and they don’t have insurance, or they are underinsured, your uninsured/underinsured coverage will help cover the damage.

RV Personal Belongings

Unlike an auto policy where your personal belongings are not part of the policy, RV personal effects coverage is essential for protecting what you carry in your RV, especially if it’s your primary home. The coverage also protects permanent fixtures like appliances that come with the RV.

For more information, quotes, or new policy discussions, feel free to contact David King Insurance Services LLC today.

Do I Need Boat Insurance In Texas?

While boat insurance isn’t mandatory in Texas, you need to carry one from David King Insurance Services LLC to protect you and your boat. Additionally, even though you are carrying home insurance, it only protects your boat for a limited dollar amount. In light of this, you need boat insurance in Coppell, TX for the reasons below.

Liability coverage

Suppose you cause damage to other boats, docks, or other structures. You will be faced with substantial property damage costs. The same case applies if you cause bodily injury to other persons while using your boat. Boat liability coverage pays for legal costs, medical expenses, and property damage for losses and damages caused to third parties.

Physical damage

The comprehensive and collision boat coverages protect against perils like collisions, theft, vandalism, falling objects, hails, and other covered risks that may damage your boat. 

However, when purchasing boat insurance, be sure you understand the difference between replacement and actual value. The replacement cost policy pays to replace or repair your boat to its original condition without factoring in deprecation. On the other hand, the actual value policy pays for repairs or replacement less the depreciation value. 

Medical coverage

With the personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, you and your passengers’ medical costs are covered, regardless of who caused the accident. Additionally, this coverage pays for final expenses and partial loss of wages resulting from a boating accident.

Other coverages

Depending on the add-ons you incorporate in your boat insurance, you can get the below additional coverages.

  • Protection from uninsured/underinsured boaters: Given that boat insurance isn’t mandatory in Texas, many boaters don’t carry watercraft insurance, putting you at risk.
  • Emergency assistance: With this add-on, you get services like gas delivery, towing, and battery jumpstarting when your boat is disabled in the water.
  • Personal effects coverage: Protects your items in the boat in case of damage or theft.

Are you ready to get started with boat insurance? Please contact David King Insurance Services LLC of Coppell, TX today for all your boat insurance needs.

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