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Motorcycle Insurance Myths To Watch Out For

David King Insurance Services LLC serves the Coppell, TX community.  For over 15 years, we have helped local residents find coverage. We provide flexible policy options to help our clients stay covered in any situation. We recognize that you’ve worked hard to acquire your assets. That’s why we are committed to helping you obtain the coverage you need.

Motorcycle Insurance Myths To Watch Out For

The Coppell, TX community is home to many motorcycle enthusiasts. If you own a motorcycle, motorcycle insurance helps you protect this unique asset. Operating a motorcycle is a high-risk endeavor. Obtaining a strong insurance policy gives you a safety net. You are covered in the event that your motorcycle collides with an object. If you lose control of your motorcycle and accidentally injure someone or cause property damage, liability coverage will protect you. You are also covered if a passenger is injured in the collision. Comprehensive coverage protects you if your motorcycle is damaged due to severe weather or a major collision with an animal. You are also protected if you are a victim of theft or someone vandalizes your motorcycle. While you look over your motorcycle insurance policy, consider these common motorcycle insurance myths.

You Aren’t Impacted By Your Friend Riding Your Motorcycle

If you let your friend operate your motorcycle, you may assume that their coverage takes over. However, that is incorrect. Your insurance policy is still active. If your friend causes damages while operating your motorcycle, you will likely be held responsible.

Storage Coverage Isn’t Necessary

Storage coverage allows you to cover your motorcycle during times when you aren’t using it. Remember an accident can occur at any moment, even while your motorcycle is parked.

David King Insurance Services LLC Will Help You Obtain Coverage

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Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance in the Offseason?

The people in Coppell, TX and the Lone Star state are smart folks who know how to sniff out a great deal. If you’re a motorcycle rider who’s been wondering why you should be paying for insurance coverage all year when you might not ride it for several months, David King Insurance Services LLC has the answers you want.

The Chill of a Coverage Gap

One thing you absolutely do not want to do is let your insurance coverage lapse if you intend to insure the motorcycle again. Losing your previous coverage can lose the value of a negotiated policy price or benefits like long-term customer rewards. If you forget to reinsure once riding season rolls around again, you can get caught on the road without the coverage you need.

Offseason and Offroad Threats

Instead of canceling a policy to avoid charges when you’re not riding, look into seasonal coverage options that have reduced rates for your lower usage or drop your road-based coverage while still covering your motorcycle as property. Since homeowners’ and renters’ insurance may not cover most of a parked motorcycle’s repair costs, having the motorcycle covered on its own can protect you in case of hazards like fire or theft. Your provider may have their own set of offseasons, but they may also let you negotiate based on your real usage, just like some policies can be adjusted based on your travel radius.

Ask an Agent for Advice

Everyone’s insurance needs and realities are different. An experienced insurance agent, like us here at David King Insurance Services LLC in Coppell, TX, can help you determine which of your available insurance providers and policies are the right fit for your liabilities and assets.

How would a motorcycle insurance plan in Texas protect me?

In the Coppell, TX area, owning a motorcycle is a good transportation option. The warm weather and open roads can make it a fun place to ride. While this can be a good mode of transit, it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Those in this area of Texas should get a motorcycle insurance plan to protect them in several ways. 

Coverage Will Protect Your Motorcycle

An important way that your motorcycle insurance plan will protect you is by giving you coverage and protection for your motorcycle. Those that purchase a motorcycle or other vehicle will need to make a big investment to fund and maintain it. A proper motorcycle insurance plan with collision and comprehensive coverage will give the protection that you need to repair or replace the motorcycle if it is stolen or damaged.

Coverage for Liability Risk

As a motorcycle driver, it is important to recognize that there is always a chance that an accident could occur that results in various damages. If you cause damage in this accident, you will have to pay for all the damages. While this is a consistent risk to be aware of, a motorcycle insurance plan can mitigate this risk as it will provide you with liability risk insurance.

There are many great reasons why someone in Coppell, TX should get a motorcycle insurance plan. Those that are in the market for a new insurance plan here should speak with David King Insurance Services LLC. The professionals at the David King Insurance Services LLC know how valuable this coverage can be. We can offer you advice and support that will guide you to choose a plan that works for you. Contact our office.

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